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Microsoft SQL Server Standard License / Software Assurance OLP Nl Government MOLP Licence

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SQL Server 2005 is a comprehensive database platform providing enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server 2005 database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for both relational and structured data, enabling you to build and manage highly available, performant data applications for use in your business. The SQL Server 2005 data engine lies at the core of this enterprise data management solution. Additionally, SQL Server 2005 combines the best in analysis, reporting, integration, and notification. This enables your business to build and deploy cost-effective BI solutions that help your team drive data into every corner of the business through scorecards, dashboards, Web services, and mobile devices. Close integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft Office System, and a suite of new development tools, including the Business Intelligence Development Studio, sets SQL Server 2005 apart. Whether you are a developer, database administrator, information worker, or decision maker, SQL Server 2005 provides innovative solutions that help you gain more value from your data. Standard Edition is a complete data management and analysis platform designed for medium-sized businesses, departmental usage, and infrastructures that require highly available systems. Standard Edition has added 64-bit support and high-availability features such as clustering and database mirroring. Standard Edition offers enhanced business intelligence functionality and SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Product Series: SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition

Open License provides discounts to organisations with between two and 500+ desktop PCs making a minimum order of just five software items. With Open License, organisations buy the licences outright with nothing more to pay. The discount is based on the size of the initial order but additional licences can be bought at the same price throughout the two year agreement term. Your organisation must have an existing Open License agreement before you can use this license version of the product. Please contact our sales department for more details on how your organisation can benefit from one of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Schemes.

Product Type: Licence/Software Assurance Pack

Product Family: Microsoft SQL Server Standard

  • Relational Database. A more secure, reliable, scalable, highly available relational database engine with improved performance and support for structured and unstructured (XML) data
  • Replication Services. Data replication for distributed or mobile data processing applications, high systems availability, scalable concurrency with secondary data stores for enterprise reporting solutions, and integration with heterogeneous systems, including existing Oracle databases
  • Notification Services. Advanced notification capabilities for the development and deployment of scalable applications that can deliver personalized, timely information updates to a variety of connected and mobile devices
  • Integration Services. Data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities for data warehousing and enterprise-wide data integration
  • Analysis Services. Online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities for the rapid and sophisticated analysis of large and complex datasets using multidimensional storage
  • Reporting Services. A comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and delivering both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports
  • Management Tools. SQL Server includes integrated management tools for advanced database management and tuning as well as tight integration with tools such as Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). Standard data access protocols drastically reduce the time it takes to integrate data in SQL Server with existing systems. In addition, native Web service support is built into SQL Server to ensure interoperability with other applications and platforms
  • Development Tools. SQL Server offers integrated development tools for the database engine, data extraction, transformation, and loading, data mining, OLAP, and reporting that are tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio to provide end-to-end application development capabilities. Every major subsystem in SQL Server ships with its own object model and set of application program interfaces (APIs) to extend the data system in any direction that is unique to your business
  • Capitalize on Data Assets. In addition to delivering a secure, reliable database for line-of-business and analytical applications, SQL Server 2005 enables customers to get more value from their data by including embedded functionality such as reporting, analysis, and data mining. You can take advantage of this power and flexibility to deliver data to every corner of your organization at a fraction of the cost of some other systems
  • Increase Productivity. Through comprehensive BI capabilities and integration with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office System, SQL Server 2005 provides information workers across your organization with critical and timely business information that is tailored to their specific needs. The goal is to extend BI to all users within an organization and ultimately to help users at all levels of the organization make better business decisions based on one of their most valuable assets-their data
  • Reduce IT Complexity. SQL Server 2005 simplifies the development, deployment, and management of line-of-business and analytical applications by providing a flexible development environment for developers and integrated, automated management tools for database administrators
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The integrated approach and focus on ease of use and deployment in SQL Server 2005 provides the industry's lowest upfront, implementation, and maintenance costs for rapid return on your database investment
Product Series SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition
Product Type Licence/Software Assurance Pack
Product Family Microsoft SQL Server Standard
System Requirements
Minimum Processor Requirements 1-GHz Itanium or faster processor
Recommended Processor Requirements 1-GHz Itanium or faster processor
Minimum Memory Requirements 512MB
Recommended Memory Requirements 1000MB
Media Requirement CD-ROM Drive
Minimum Storage Requirements 425MB
Minimum Display Requirements Super VGA (1,024x768) 256 Colour
Operating System Requirements Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition or DataCenter Edition for Itanium-based systems with SP 1 or later
Peripherals Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later • For Reporting Services, you need Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or later, and ASP.NET 2.0 or later
Language(s) Single Language
Program Microsoft Open License
Operating System Group 32-Bit Win
Package Type Government
Pool Servers
Purchase Unit (Years) 1

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