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SMART Board 885 Interactive Whiteboard (87 inch Diagonal)

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Collaborative learning becomes an extraordinarily natural experience with the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard. Two people can instantly work together anywhere on the surface at the same time using either their fingers or a pen. This interactive whiteboard also features a multiuser Pen Tray with buttons that make it easy for users to switch ink colour, right-mouse click and bring up the On-Screen Keyboard. Feature availability: The SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard supports multiuser writing and common multitouch gestures currently recognised in Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard operating systems. SMART Notebook collaborative learning software will support certain features, such as freestyle interaction, touch gestures and full object awareness, upon the release of updated software (SMART Notebook 10.7 software). Teachers can increase the opportunities for classroom collaboration, thanks to the multitouch capabilities of the 800 series. Two people can use their fingers or a pen to write, draw and interact with content on the surface of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. There are no special tools or menus required - students can simply walk up to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and immediately begin working together.

Model Name: X885

With freestyle interaction, two students can work together anywhere on the surface without being restricted to a defined space or required to use a specific tool. And each student can perform different actions at the same time. For example, one student can move objects around whilst the other writes in digital ink. Using touch gestures, students can interact with lesson content in new and exciting ways, which gives them a deeper, more interactive learning experience. Students can use simple, intuitive gestures, such as toss, rotate and zoom, or use the navigational gestures available with multitouch operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 7 or Mac Snow Leopard. The object awareness feature makes using the 800 series a completely intuitive experience - the technology is virtually invisible. You can switch seamlessly from writing with a pen, erasing with the palm of your hand and moving objects with your finger. There's no need to press buttons, access on-screen menus or replace tools in the Pen Tray. Teachers can access free, ready-to-use educational resources, including thousands of standards-correlated SMART Notebook lesson activities, anytime on the SMART Exchange website.

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Equipment Warranty upon Registration

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